FAQ - Ask Art

1. Why should I commission your studio to paint my portrait?
Well I’m not one for singing my own praises – I let others do that (see What the Critics Say) – but I can tell you this, I’m a qualified artist with over 45 years experience in painting portraits with hundreds of satisfied customers (see Testimonials).I’ve also taught art classes to New Yorkers and have won awards. You can read more in About Me.

2. OK, I’m convinced you’re very talented so tell me how I can order?
It’s an easy 3-step process. Firstly, you need to choose a photo(s) of the subject (person, pet, car, bike or house) that you’d like painted. I’ve written some advice on choosing a good photo here. Secondly, you need to pay by clicking on the ‘Buy Now” button. After filling in your billing and shipping details you’ll be taken to 2checkout.com’s secure server to make your credit card payment. Finally, you’ll have to either upload (see How Do I Upload My Photos) your photos or send them to me mail (see Address). When I receive them, I’ll contact you by email and maybe ask you some questions to get a better idea of what you want – I'll always work closely with you to ensure you get the ideal portrait. I’ll then spend a couple of weeks or more painting your portrait. When I’ve finished, I’ll send you some digital photos by email and if you need any changes I’ll do them for you.

3. What’s the best size to order?
It depends on the type of portrait (head and shoulders, half-body or full-body), how many people are in the portrait and the size of the space where you’re going to hang it. If you want a full body portrait the smallest size is 24 x 30” as a smaller size just doesn’t work. If there’s more than one person in the portrait then you need a larger size, so the minimum size I recommend for a four person portrait is 24 x 30”. If you’ve only got a small space to hang the portrait then choose a small size as too a large a size could dominate the room.

4. Your prices are reasonable but I’ve seen cheaper portraits offered at American sites. Why the difference?
For an experienced, established portrait artist my prices are very reasonable. I’ semi-retired so I don’t need as much money as I use to. These days I wok only from photos, before when folks use to come and sit for me, I charged a lot more.

5. Do you paint only in oils?
Yes, I trained using oil paint and it really is the best medium for heirloom quality portraits. All the famous Great Masters of portraiture such as Raphael, Velasquez, Rembrandt and John Singer Sargeant painted in oil. And I only use premium grade Windsor & Newton paints on fine canvas so that you get a portrait that will last generations. If you need a portrait in charcoal or pastel try here.

6. Do you sign my portrait?
No, I usually don't sign it. If you want me to sign then let me know.

7. How long does it take?
For a small head and shoulders portrait it takes me about two weeks, for a large group portrait about 3-5 weeks depending on the difficulty. If you need changes then it can take loner. Oh, and about 3-4 days for shipping.

8. Do you frame my portrait?
No, I’m an artist not a framer! You need to take it to a reputable framer near your home, they should have a large selection of attractive frames for you to choose from.

9. Is shipping free?
Yes, I ship all over the world and wherever you are its free. I send the canvas rolled up in a strong poster tube by DHL courier and you can track its progress online. If it arrives damaged I replace it but please notify within 3 days and keep the damaged box for DHL to pick up. Sorry but I am not liable for any photos lost in the post – so keep a negative or copy if your sending the original photo..

10. If I don’t like my portrait will you give me a refund?
Sure, I guarantee my work 100%, that’s why I offer a no-hassle 30 day full money back guarantee.



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