How Do I Upload My Photos?

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The quickest way to send me your photos is over the internet. You can use either Jpeg, Tiff or Raw format at the highest file size possible (about 200k-1Mb) and a resolution of about 150dpi.

If you’re sending me photos you’ve taken from a digital camera then it’s easy. Just select the in the ‘Browse’ field below then press ‘Send’. If you’ve more than one photo, repeat the procedure.

If they are printed photos and you have a scanner then scan them into your computer using your scanner software. Then select the file in the ‘Browse’ field below and press ‘Send’.

If your sending me printed photos then they should be at least 4 x 6” but the bigger the better, (sorry folks but passport photos aren’t suitable for portraits). Send your photos with your name, address and order number to:

I’ll return them with your finished portrait.

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